how do you peform a autism test!
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Autism is a disorder that is not easy to diagnose. There are no blood or serum tests that can be done by the doctors to know that whether a child is suffering from the issues or not. In order to conduct the child counselling, the doctors have to study his or her development and behavior. The test can be conducted once the baby is 18 months or older.

melbourne child psychology is very important if you want the disease to be diagnosed. You have to ensure that you take the child to a specialist so that they can study his characteristics. In most of the cases and child is not diagnosed on ti me and it means that he will not get the care he needed.

There are two types of Autism test that are commonly performed on the children.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Developmental Screening

If you think that your child is suffering from the disease it is important that you take him to the specialist as soon as possible so that he will get the treatment on time. For the child counseling, you should go to specialists and always take the Autism test seriously.

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